The after Tsunami Project

During my trip of last January 2015, I was called by my friends of the Dutch Priyanthi foundation. This foundation has a orphanage in Hikkaduwa and they asked me to come and look to the tsunami village Sirrikandura. This village of 150 houses, was built of the money Europ gathered for the tsunami victims. They asked me because of my good connections with the government. As I came in the village it was a real eye opener ! The foundation and base plate and roof were of a good quality, but the walls were of a terrible quality. Now almost nine years after they built these houses, some will collapse soon ! The plates of the walls are made of a sort of plastic net pressed together with paper and gypsum . The stability of course is very bad and so they put some metal profiles. Now the walls are full of holes and the metal is almost rust by . The electric wires are hanging arround because the screws did not hold in the walls. Till now three houses are collapsed . A group friends of the island of Vlieland in the Netherlands , under supervision of Jeyanthi and Herman Rab, did rebuild five houses in vacation time till now ! These houses now are very good and stabil, but the rebuilding of 150 houses would less to long.

Trough my friends of the Southers Government, Samitha thero and Amarasiri Kuruwage i could have a conservation with Prime minister Chaan that same afternoon ! I told him that right after the tsunami they did not do a good job with the collected money Europ did give them to rebuild ! Very soon he agreed and asked me to make a report of the damages of the houses and than in the afternoon I could talk tot he same commission who did this job in tsunami time.

The day after I gave the report to this commission and they asked me if the Netherland government could help with some money. I said them that they wouldnot do that because Sri Lanka became a lot of money in Tsunami time to rebuild and Sri Lanka did a very bad job with that money. So now they had to pay for this job ! They did understand and together we looked for a solution. I gave them the idea to bett the militairy so they would not have to pay for the manpower! The materials the Government has to pay for!

After a short while they agreed and promissed that the houses of Sirikandura would have the nessecary renovation, without any costs for the owners. The chairman of the commission thanked me for my efforts. In a talk after with the four lady,s of the commission they thanked me again and with tears in the eyes they agreed also that in tsunami time many things were gone wrong! Also the corruption they did not like at all!