Tamil Food Program

As we wanted to expand our spectacles project tot he very poor Tamil villages, houses made of branches and mud, we were very impressed about the very poor life and health circumstances of their habitants! It seamed to be impossible to help them with a spectacle , because around 80% of the checked habitants  we could not help with a spectacle! Many of those checked ones had eye or other deseases and that you cannot remedy with a spectacle. At our spectacle projects we did already for several years ,we could help around 90% of the peoples, so there had to be another problem.
We suspected that this problem was due to the very bad and unilateral food supply of this underpriviliged group. To investigate this problem on a professional way we asked the students of the university hospital the A.Z.M. in Maastricht to make an official medical study project out of it. So we can make a win win project.