Senehasa Senior Home, Baddegama

The idea for building an elderly house, came right after the terrible tsunami, who hit especialy the seaside region of the South of Sri Lanka at the 26th.of December of 2004. The nasty consequences of this drama were 35.000 death, 4000 wounded and also 12.000 homeless peoples. Also many elderly peoples lost their houses but wat was a bigger problem, they lost their children. Loosing your children is in Sri Lanka almost a deadly problem! That,s why many families have so many children.
With the financial support of the Sevagram foundation and the Voerendaal company Vebego they could built an elderly house for 48 poor and mostly homeless elderly peoples. As an extra they did built a big front house in which they made a big kitchen, a restaurant, a computerroom with 20 computers, a hospital room and even an optical room. Also they combined it with a big hall for 250 chairs in which they can have meetings for the elderly ,but also for the locals. A part of this hall is separated for ten sewing machines to give courses for sewing. In a corner is the so called Jo Wouters coop shop to sell some selfmade products by the elderly peoples or the girls of the Lotus Girls house from Welivitiya! The courses and lessons they give are free of charges for the poor! About 250 children get free lessons in English, computer knowledge and dance, every week. These are the so called privat lessons on saterday and sunday. Sevaral teachers give these lessons also free of charges.
A fantastic initiative is the Tamil course for civil servants  of Government and Ministeries e.s.o.. This will help to close the gap between the Singalees and Tamil population!!

2008 afbouw Senehasa/brillenproject

2009 opening

April 2012, bezoek bewoners Senehasa aan hotel Ran Mal

November 2012, opening extra natte groep en computerlokaal

Aprill 2013, schildering op muur Senehasa

Maart 2014

February 2015