Sambodhi womans disabled house

At the end of the year 2008 we learned that there was a Sambodhi disabled womans house in Baddegama.This house was an old house of the owner of a leaved English teaplantage. Now there live about 60 mentaly and physicaly disabled and also 11 blind women. An old Sri Lankan lady,miss Nandawatti is in charge of the house. The old villa was in a very bad condition, there was not even a place to wash themselves so they had to do in the open air with some little cans of water. Also the cooking took place in the open air kitchen. The dorms had a very bad smell and the paint was very old. The Vebego group from Voerendaal/Limburg together with our constructor Amarasiri Kuruwage restaured and renewed the house totally. A bathing place, toilet and kitchen were built. Everything got new paint and in the end of 2012 the house was in a perfect condition and they reopenend the house with a greaas so often the t party and all Buddhist ceremonies !

It was unfortunate that in March 2013, during the wet monsoon, there was a big fire. The house got a big cloth donation, which they had to repair and could use for themselves, and as it happens so often in Sri Lanka the electricity had a failure and then they used candles for lighting the place. One of the habitants bumped the candle in the cloth and these cloth catched fire . Poor 80 year old  misses Nandawatti, of course totaly in shock, first brouhgt the ladies of the house to a safe place and she forgot to throw a bucket of water on the fire of the cloth. Now there was a big damage to the building even to the just renewed roofs and just now during the wet monsoon! Luckely our friends Jef Wessels and his brother in law Max Quaedvlieg were there for three month to create a new fence arround Robs Educational Farm. Together with some locals and our constructor Amarasiri Kuruwage they took care, so the habitants could live dry . They covered the total building with plastic sails and started to rebuild the house. The biggest problem we had was to gather the money we needed for this job in time. The rest of the Baddegama foundations did not want to give some extra money to help them ! Our friend the Dutch Ambassador in Sri Lanka, mr.Wieke Piet, did help us with a big amount of Euro 5000  from the ministery of foreign afairs. Many of our real friends took care and did support with some money  ! As  Jef Wessels came home he went door to door to gather money and also his friends of his clubs, the motorbike club and the footbal club v.v.Walram . The biggest problem was that we had to pay immediately and the promised and later on the gathered money still was not there. So we had to pay for the first materials e.s.o. and Steun ons Steunen did pay in advance ! Stil now we have a too short of Euro 3000, but the most important is that the habitants of Sambodhi can live their live at a happy and peacefull way !!

We want to organise a program for the people of Sambodhi. As Jos Smeets and I were there in May 2014 we played together with a bal and they were very happy and exited. Our local friend Mahanama Subasinge ,a sports instructor, wil start officially with it !
Maart 2014,