Robs Educational Farm

A few years ago a combination of van der Looy, Porta Mosana, Wilde Ganzen and Senehasa bought a piece of land of about 2,5 acres. It was the plan to cultivate some vegetables and fruits on this land and even to keep some chicken . These products will be used for the food of the different projects and the rest they can sell at the local markets to gather some extra money to pay for the costs of the different projects ! On the land is a farmhouse in which they can train 10 young local farmers to cultivate at a biologic way and do not use fertilizer as they do now ! Til now , March 2015 , they  (Jef Wessels and his brother in law Max Quaedvlieg worked for three month on this project) did built a good fence to keep out the several wild animals. Piece by piece this project is ready to use and it can start together with the local government. They wil pay for threehundred cinamon plants and also for the costs of the teacher.
This project wil become a fantastic Win-Win project , cultivate many products, train young farmers and even make the different projects SELFSUPPORTING !!