Lotus Hill boys home

Another project we partially support is The Lotus Hill Boys home. At the moment there are living about twenty physicaly and mentaly disabled boys in the age till about eighteen years old. This house was built the year 2005 by the Finish family Kangas. Together with them and the family Tommen from Bern Switserland we take care to keep the house running. Miss Gabriela Tommen goes every year to work several month in the house. Some special trained teachers together with some volonteers of the surrounding village do the daily work in the house. Also volonteers and apprentaces from Finland, Denmark, Switserland and the Netherlands support the house. The house is well thought out and built in a circle. So, when the entrance door is closed nobody can go out. The fantastic boys inside have down syndrom, autisme, epilepsy or have a physical damage. Working here is a hard and tiring job, but it gives a lot of satisfaction to work daily with these lovely boys. The thanksfullness these boys give is so HEARTWARMING !