A range of small projects

The most poignant problems, who we met in this region,we try to solve ,at least we try to “SUPPORT”. We do it always in consultation with the local social affairs or our friends the local monks. Mostly it is about smaller donations like I did on my last( February 2015) trip to Baddegama. The wife ( Ajuntha) of a family with two kids was pregnant of a twin. They lived in a smal mud hut and her husband,a tea picker had a brest cancer. He only could ,gather the tea for three or four hours,then he was so tired, he had to rest! We supported that family with 5000 roepies (euro 35) so they could buy some cloths fort he twins and later on we buyed a bed for the twins.. They were very happy and thanksfull and immediately they invited me for dinner.

Another example is misses Sumitra, who lost her man last year(2014). He was working at a stone mine and he got a big rock on his head, he died immediately! We took care for a cleaning job at Piyananda,s school and support her son Nimesh(11 years old) and her daughter Ayesha(15 years old), by buying books and they also can go to the privat school at Senehasa for free ! The bridge building is often enough in Sri Lanka to solve a problem !!