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All projects are situated around Baddegame near Galle.

Our foundation is working without any costs. Once or twice a year we make a trip to do voluntary work at the projects and all the costs for the flight and stay we pay out of our own pocket!
If you want to support these projects you can call us by G.S.M. number +31 (0)6-11194967 or you can mail us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you want to do a payment, you can do it by bank account number NL92INGB0680545514, Jo Wouters/ Sri Lanka

OBADABOHOMMA ISTUTI, thank you very much!

Ajantha and social Baddegama

The "Ajantha" family lives in a so-called mud house. Eight years ago they started to build a stone house, but the family was hit during the construction with a terrible setback. Read more

Lotus Hill boys home

Another project we partially support is The Lotus Hill Boys home. At the moment there are living about twenty physicaly and mentaly disabled boys in the age till about eighteen years old. .
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Senehasa Senior Home

The idea for building an elderly house, came right after the terrible tsunami, who hit especialy the seaside region of the South of Sri Lanka at the 26th.of December of 2004. 
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Lotus Home Welivitiya

This house is built by the South Department of Social Affairs, to keep about 20 mentally and physicaly damaged young girls. The house is built very luxioury for Sri Lankan standards.
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Nursery school for 4-8 years

In the year 1986 started the Catholic priest Harry van der Looy and the Buddhist monk Banagala Gunarathana Thero a kindergarten with three children and two teachers in a simple hut. It is a great school with 400 children and 25 teachers!
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These projects

mainly take place

in the region

Baddegama, Galle


Sambodhi womans disabled house

At the end of the year 2008 we learned that there was a Sambodhi disabled womans house in Baddegama.This house was an old house of the owner of a leaved English teaplantage.
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Robs Educational Farm

A few years ago a combination of van der Looy, Porta Mosana, Wilde Ganzen and Senehasa bought a piece of land of about 2,5 acres. It was the plan to cultivate some vegetables and fruits on this land and even to keep some chicken.
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Tamil Food Program

As we wanted to expand our spectacles project tot he very poor Tamil villages, houses made of branches and mud, we were very impressed about the very poor life and health circumstances of their habitants!
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